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Dedicated to the trade

In the business since 2006, at CPL we know Pharmaceutical packaging, and are dedicated to provide bespoke solutions to your specific needs. In an increasingly competitive and fast-paced market, we guarantee an effective and efficient solution to your pharmaceutical packaging needs. Our vast portfolio of services offers a comprehensive range of specially designed products, to established pharmaceutical operators and manufacturers alike, both within the EU as well as third countries.

Certified Customs Bonded Warehouse as of October 2019.

Importation of Pharmaceuticals

CPL is a licensed importer of pharmaceuticals, originating from within the European Union, as well as third countries. This makes CPL your natural partner for your pharmaceutical importation needs.

We also offer our clients a complete product testing services through our fully licensed and approved third party partners.

On the same lines, CPL also carries out rigorous auditing procedures of manufacturers for EU-GMP compliance.

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Main Benefits

  • Importation of drugs from EU and third countries
  • Complete testing services
  • Fully licensed and approved partners
  • Auditing procedures for EU-GMP compliance

Assembly & Late Stage Customisation of Packs

CPL offers a range of late-stage customisation solutions for all your pharmaceutical packaging needs. 

These include but are not limited to full reassembly of pharmaceutical packages, assembly from bulk, over-labeling of packages, leaflet replacement and addition of anti-tampering device and overprinting of details on the outer pack. For packs that cannot be opened because of the anti-tampering device to meet FMD requirements, CPL has pioneered a novel over-labelling process where the translation of the product leaflet and outer carton details are affixed on the outside of the carton with adhesive film which is perforated on one side to allow the leaflet to be opened by the patient and yet the leaflet remains attached to one side of the carton.

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Main Benefits

  • Late stage customisation solutions
  • Re-assembly of pharmaceutical packs
  • Assembly from bulk
  • Over-labeling of packs
  • Leaflet replacement
  • Repackaging of FMD-complaint packs without removing the anti-tampering device
  • Addition of anti-tampering devices
  • Overprinting on outer pack
  • No job is too small
  • Short turn around time

Long & Short Term Warehousing

At CPL we offer both long and short-term warehousing in state of the art industry standards conditions. In fact we can offer storage solutions for pharmaceuticals including controlled drugs and medical devices in temperatures between +15 to +25°C, as well as +2 to +8°C.

Our temperature-controlled warehouses are equipped with online monitoring and alerting equipment for complete and guaranteed climate management with full autonomy from the power grid. Once in our custody, your goods will be under restricted access, which is meticulously monitored by CCTV for your record.

We also offer Cold-chain storage as well as dedicated areas for controlled drugs and narcotics.

As per Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) requirements, we also offer bulk verification of 2D codes and data collection solutions.

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Main Benefits

  • Long-term and short-term warehousing
  • Storage in +15 to +25°C and +2 to +8°C
  • Online monitoring
  • Restricted access
  • Cold-chain storage
  • Bulk verification of 2D codes as per FMD requirements

Pick & Pack / Product Launch

CPL offers a complete portfolio of pick and pack operations as well as shipping services.  This is supplemented with support for the launch of your product as well as pick and pack operation from warehouse and shipment worldwide.

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Main Benefits

  • Pick and Pack operations
  • Shipping services with data loggers
  • Product launch support

Regulatory Support

At CPL we are fully equipped to support you with a full complement of pharmacists, other technical staff and Qualified Persons to assist you in all your regulatory needs.

CPL is your ideal partner when dealing with the country’s authorities such as the Malta Medicines Authority and other related departments, as it has successfully acted as liaison for many happy clients in the past.

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Main Benefits

  • Fully qualified staff
  • Regulatory support with over 15 years’ experience
  • Liaison with Malta Medicines Authority